Beach Day on Bribie Island / by Lachlan Jordan

Over the weekend my wife and I went to visit some friends up in Brisbane. Arriving Friday night we were up early Saturday morning, leaving the house around 7:30am to head to Bribie Island for a day at the beach.

It was low tide for most of the morning and a beautiful weather so there were plenty of others in Four Wheel Drives driving up the beach trying to find their perfect spot for the day. Others were fully loaded and most likely planning on camping for a few nights.

The ocean was quite flat, no good for those looking to surf. Along the coastline were remnants of World War II bunkers which have been decaying over time. We set up for the day next to one. I thought it looked cool.

We had packed a fridge with snacks and ciders, and brought bait to catch fish, however there was no fish to be caught. Still, it was a great day!