Road Trip / by Lachlan Jordan

If you follow my social media accounts on either Facebook or Instagram you will know I recently went on a 10 day road trip with my wife Naomi. We had been invited to attend a Wedding in Brisbane and decided to take some extra time and drive rather than fly. Shooting straight up to Brisbane for the Wedding weekend we planned on making our way back south to Newcastle over the week. Except we didn't plan for that week. We knew of places we wanted to see but had no official schedule for them.

The weather was not great for us. It either rained, was windy as hell, or both. Some of the places / things we wanted to do we didn't get to. (I guess I'll just camp and explore Lamington National Park another time). But still we did make the most of it, and the miserable weather did make for some dramatic photos. We did manage to get sunshine in Byron for 2 days and I even got a little sunburnt.

In the end our little road trip took us to; Brisbane, Surfers Paradise, Byron Bay and Crescent Head before heading home. We went to the Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary, stopped in at Mullumbimby and explored the beautiful gardens at Crystal Castle on the way to Byron Bay. Whilst staying in Byron Bay we went to the Lighthouse for sunrise and walked all the way to the end of Cape Byron. We swam in Killen Falls then went to the Whites Beach, which could be mistaken for paradise.

Our last day in Byron Bay we went to Minyon Falls, a waterfall in Nightcap National Park that descends 100 meters into a beautiful natural pool. Getting to the base of the falls is a 4.5km walk which takes you through beautiful lush rainforest of moss covered rocks and giant trees with roots as big as my leg! From Minyon Falls we drove to Crescent Head where we visited Naomi's parents and had a day of relaxing before heading back home.