Newcastle Australia

2018 Retrospective by Lachlan Jordan


I don’t know what it was about 2018 but for me it somehow simultaneously seemed to go by really quick, whilst also feeling like a long year. Maybe that’s because it was very busy year. Lots of changes happened for me throughout 2018. Some more planned than others. I guess the biggest change was leaving Newcastle towards the end of the year and moving to Crescent Head on the Mid-North Coast.

This year I captured more portraits than previous years and I personally feel there has been a lot of growth in that side of my photography. I am thankful for those who have hired me to capture their portrait, or cover their event or wedding throughout 2018. I've met some really wonderful people throughout the year which makes pursuing this career even greater. I hope in 2019 I get to continue meeting wonderful people and grow my business even further.

Happy New Year everyone! I hope you enjoy this post looking back on my photography for the year of 2018.

Neteeka + Nathan Engagement Session at Glenrock by Lachlan Jordan


Glenrock is one of my favourite places to visit in the Newcastle area. Beautiful bush trails which lead to the beach, and if it’s been raining there are waterfalls.

I took Nateeka and Nathan with me on a mini adventure through Glenrock one Sunday morning for their Enagagement Photo session.

Here are a few frames from our time together:

Joey + Daniel Engagement Shoot Redhead Beach by Lachlan Jordan


Joey was a regular customer at a Cafe I work at, and one day noticing her Engagement Ring I enquired about her Wedding plans and if she had a Photographer. At the time there was no wedding date set, but we would always have a bit of a chat whenever she came in. A good six months or so pass when I received a message from Joey saying her and her fiancé Daniel have set a date and want to talk Photography. I was very excited to get this message!

For their Engagement photos Joey and Daniel were keen on going to the beach. Seeing as it was low tide I took them on a mini adventure of some cool spots I knew of around Redhead and we finished the photo session at Redhead Beach. I can't wait for their Hunter Valley Wedding in September!

Josh + Stevie Newcastle Engagement Shoot by Lachlan Jordan


Josh was the winner of an Engagement Shoot competition I had running over on my Facebook Page. I went out with him and his fiancé Stevie around Newcastle to get some photos together. Here is some of what I captured.

Sam + Mikey Newcastle Wedding by Lachlan Jordan

Lachlan Jordan Photography-4653.jpg

If you saw the engagement shoot for these two you will know they have been together for 9 years! Virtually High School sweethearts (Mikey having just finished High School and Sam being in year 12) both are now Registered Nurses and studied together at The University of Newcastle.

They said 'I do' at The Newcastle Club in front of close friends and family and later had their reception at FogHorn Brewhouse in Newcastle. I love the contrast of the old world look of The Newcastle Club against the industrial look of FogHorn. FogHorn being Sam and Mikey's number one choice of venue due to their love of Beer.

I had such a blast photographing their Wedding! A day with lots of love and laughter, amazing venues and lovely people who made me feel like more than just the event photographer, but part of the celebration.

Daena + Jess' Hunter Valley Wedding by Lachlan Jordan

I'm not going to waste time here on the politics of Gay Marriage in Australia, because it will turn into a rant and I would rather focus on the positives in this blog post. Let me just say I think love is love and everyone should have the right to marry whoever they want.

Everything about Daena and Jess' special day was the same as any other wedding, apart from the legal documentation. It was two families coming together to celebrate the love of two human beings. It was an emotional day full of love, smiles, laughter and tears of joy.

Daena and Jess declared their love in front of friends and family reading vows they had both prepared themselves. You could see the happiness and feel the love these two share for each other.

Venue: Peterson House

Makeup Artist: Gloss Hair and Makeup

Wedding Dresses: Brides on Broadwater

Flowers: Blue Birds Florist

2016: Retrospective by Lachlan Jordan

Merewether Baths Sunrise Australia Day

As I write this 2016 will be over in 30 hours and 30 minutes. What better time to look back and reflect on the year that was. As I scroll through the 100+ photos in this blog post I can't help but think "wow" I have been fortunate in capturing some spectacular moments.

Sunrises, sunsets, dark skies and moody weather. Not only that, but this year I put myself out there to start my career in photographing people, creating memories and capturing moments which can then be kept forever and shared with loved ones.

I already have some big plans for 2017 which so far includes Three Weddings and a trip to New Zealand. Hopefully more Weddings and trips will be added to the calendar throughout the year. In any case I am very excited about the year ahead and I want to thank everyone who made 2016 great and everyone who continues to follow my work and recommend me to friends and family. You are all amazing and I am very thankful.

Happy New Year everyone, and I hope you enjoy this post looking back on my photography for the year of 2016.

- Lachlan

Sibling photo shoot with Renae + Jackson by Lachlan Jordan

Renae and I are friends through work, and have known each other for a few years now. She approached me about getting some photos done with her brother as a Christmas present for her mum. I thought this was an awesome idea and had a lot of fun photographing Jackson and Renae at King Edward Park. Here are a few pics from their session.

Kelly Family Photos by Lachlan Jordan

This photo session was a Christmas gift from one mother to another. I was contacted by Narelle who told me her friends daughter was about to leave the country on a gap year, (which has the potential to be a 2 year trip away from home) and as a nice Christmas Gift wanted to give her friend a family photo session before the daughter left the country. What a fantastic present!

After some email exchanges with Anne-marie who was the recipient of the gift we organised a date and time in which all members of the family were free. As it would turn out, sunrise on Saturday the 10th was a winner (just one day before the daughter was to board the plane for her gap year).

And what a winning sunrise it was! Storm clouds, but with the right amount of sunlight gave us an amazing sky down at Bar Beach, and great morning light to work with. Here is a selection of the photos from the morning. Looking forward to taking more family photos in the future!