Kelly Family Photos by Lachlan Jordan

This photo session was a Christmas gift from one mother to another. I was contacted by Narelle who told me her friends daughter was about to leave the country on a gap year, (which has the potential to be a 2 year trip away from home) and as a nice Christmas Gift wanted to give her friend a family photo session before the daughter left the country. What a fantastic present!

After some email exchanges with Anne-marie who was the recipient of the gift we organised a date and time in which all members of the family were free. As it would turn out, sunrise on Saturday the 10th was a winner (just one day before the daughter was to board the plane for her gap year).

And what a winning sunrise it was! Storm clouds, but with the right amount of sunlight gave us an amazing sky down at Bar Beach, and great morning light to work with. Here is a selection of the photos from the morning. Looking forward to taking more family photos in the future!